We excel at every aspect of the production and distribution of nutraceuticals

Producing consistently high-quality vitamin and supplement products is a difficult and complex process. After more than 14 years in the industry, we have developed a full-line organization that delivers in every area of nutraceutical development and production, from sourcing to delivery. Listed here are a few of the core competencies for which our customers rely on us.

In-House Science Teamfind out more

From sourcing and vetting of raw ingredients suppliers to expert formulation of diverse vitamin and supplement products, our in-house science team boasts industry-leading expertise and a wealth of practical experience.

Liquid Processesfind out more

Favored by many consumers because of ease of ingestion and rapid absorption, liquid products can be tricky to formulate and produce. We have specialized in this area for 14 years, and have built up a reputation as the “go to” company for liquid nutritionals.

Complex Powder Blendingfind out more

Powder products can be delivered in a variety of ways, including water soluble formats, capsules, and stand-alone packages. Our facility — combined with our world-wide network of production partners — can produce just about anything available on the market.

Diverse Packagingfind out more

Today’s retail, direct-to-consumer, and practitioner affiliate markets are just some of the ways that nutritional supplements reach the end user. In order to serve all these segments, we have developed the ability to provide a number of packaging options, from design to production and delivery.

Project Managementfind out more

Researching, sourcing, formulating, manufacturing, marketing, and delivering nutritional products takes a high level of skill and experience. We can act as your team in any or all of these areas — facilitating and streamlining your business process for maximum efficiency.