Complex Powder Blending

We can manufacture and deliver your powder products in many forms

Producing nutritional products in powder form is popular. Powders can be delivered in a variety of formats. Whether we provide it as a water-soluble powder, or load it into a 2-piece capsule, our strict formulation and manufacturing processes ensure that your product will be of consistently high quality.

It starts with the formulation

Our in-house Science Team creates your formula from scratch according to your desires, and either maintains or modifies and improves your existing formula or product for maximum effect. From our world-wide network of vetted raw ingredients suppliers to our stringent testing capabilities, our formulas are world-class.

Our blending gives you a consistent product

One of the hallmarks of quality nutritional products is consistency. Our blending process ensures a very homogenous blend, which results in a consistent product no matter how small the serving size. Each scoop, capsule, pouch or stick will be nutritionally equivalent to the previous serving/dose.