Liquid Processes

Design and manufacturing of liquid nutritional products is one of our specialties

Many people favor vitamins and supplements in liquid form because of the ease of consumption, and faster absorption rate. Formulating liquids to provide a specific nutritional blend combined with a pleasing taste is a challenging task — one at which HSM excels.

Our manufacturing capabilities include cold-filled liquids as well as those utilizing other processes, such as hot fill.

Our efficiency saves you money

By utilizing our different types of filling equipment, we are often able to offer competitive pricing in the manufacture of your products.

We can scale our operation to your needs

Testing a new product? We can deliver it in extremely limited quantities. Got a huge demand to fill? We can handle it. That includes formulation, production, labeling, packaging and delivery. No matter where your are in your company’s growth, we can support it, which allows you to focus on other critical strategic marketing and sales operations.

In addition, we offer many sizes of containers, from a small 15ml bottle to a 250 gallon tote/dispenser.