Project Management

You get the benefits of our world-wide network

Via our parent company, The GHT Companies, we have developed a global network of Founding Scientist Partners, as well as an approved network of North American manufacturing partners. A company is included in this network only if they have both a proven expertise in select areas, and a commitment to loyalty and quality that matches our own. These manufacturing partners complement the services we are able to offer our customers.

For example, we have manufacturing partners that excel in areas outside our expertise, such as gel-cap production, gummy production and specialized encapsulation processes.

We can serve as your project management team

With the above in mind, we are able to offer project management oversight for production tasks that are performed by our manufacturing partners. This means we oversee the raw ingredient component, review the formulation process, monitor/track the production process and ensure timely delivery of output to our warehouse for review.

Additionally, we monitor and track the supporting documentation for your product. Where required and depending upon the circumstances, we can get product from our manufacturing partners and complete the packaging/labeling components in our own facility.

Our expertise, in combination with our network of manufacturing partners, gives us significant flexibility in meeting your specific requirements. We take a substantial burden off you, so you are able to focus on the growth of your business.