Contract Manufacturing

Let us be your manufacturing partner

Health Specialties Manufacturing (HSM) is a full-service contract manufacturing provider for the global nutrition industry. We have the equipment, facility, staff and expertise to produce your branded dietary supplement or functional nutrition products. We are considered experts world-wide in cold-filled liquids and simple/complex powder blends.

We’ll work with you at any and every level

If you would like us to manufacture an already formulated product or one that is currently in the markets, we’ll verify the label claims to make sure we deliver what you advertise, and — should you request it — will provide input for proposed improvements.

We are comprehensive in our experience and skill sets, which range from formulation review, ingredient sourcing, and blending, to a variety of packaging choices. To that end, we also offer label design services that can make the entire process more convenient for your business planning.

In short, we’re your start-to-finish, turnkey resource, for every part of the process.

We can handle a wide range of production run sizes

At HSM, we understand that your products may have different levels of demand, and will work with you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient run size. Since we are sensitive to cost restrictions during a product launch phase, we are more flexible in the run sizes during the initial steps.

What’s more, we’ll “scale up” with you as your business grows, making the process seamless and profitable.

When we say “quality,” we mean it

The HSM team has a proven track record of providing industry-leading contract manufactured nutritional products for customers throughout the world. Our standards are incredibly high because they need to be: our customers depend on it.

Our rigorous adherence to quality control has earned us our designation as a cGMPCertified, Sports Certified, Health Canada Licensed and FDA-registered facility — among other distinctions.