Raw Ingredients

We’re your reliable source for exclusive high-quality raw ingredients

Under the oversight and direction of The GHT Companies, HSM works with world-wide Founding Scientists and their discoveries of unique raw ingredients and products.

We utilize our industry-leading Science Team, our regulatory/QC expertise and our network of third party testing facilities to thoroughly vet all components — as well as the related production processes — of a discovered raw material.

In short: “We check everything, so you don’t have to.”

We don’t offer any ingredient we’re not willing to use ourselves

Because we do not conduct ourselves as a “supplier” in the nutraceutical industry, we are very selective in the raw ingredients we offer, and the Founding Scientists with which we partner.

Unlike a standard supplier, our first step in introducing an accepted ingredient is to formulate products for our own branded product lines. You know that we believe in the ingredient, because not only have we reviewed it, but we are willing to use it in a product that carries our name. There is no better testament to the integrity of an ingredient.

Besides expertly reviewing every product we offer, we have been granted the defined exclusive rights to it.

We’re thinking ahead

Furthermore and during our review processes with our Founding Scientist partners, we ensure that the selected raw ingredients include sustainable sourcing, so that we are able to continually support you in your supply chain requirements.