Reviews and comments about working with HSM and The GHT Companies.

It was an amazing experience working with Jim and his team. The GHT Companies provided superb products and service, while Jim served as a mentor and coach, since I am new in the field. Their strong interest in international commerce constantly inspires me in exploring business opportunities in China.

— Chun Wu, Ph.D. Chairman, Viatqin China

As a technology company focused on advancing algae for a variety of applications, Helios-NRG, LLC is pleased to have interacted with The GHT Companies over the past several years. They were highly responsive to our needs and provided invaluable guidance and support to the extent that Jim Rex is now a member of our Industrial Advisory Board. The GHT Companies is product focused, driven by a win-win philosophy and a true pleasure to collaborate with.

— Dr. Ravi Prasad President, Helios-NRG, LLC

If I am in a dark alley, I want [The GHT Companies] with me. We are not changing manufacturers.

— Major Rob Dyer Founder, RuckPack Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with Mr. Jim Rex. We were able to get direct and insightful responses and advice — which is invaluable in business.

— Susan F. Lin M.D. CEO, La Canada Ventures Inc.

We are a small company and we trusted The GHT Companies with our product formula for over a year before we came to agreement. Jim Rex and his team performed exactly as agreed. They have our trust and loyalty.

— Jim White Candida Support

. . . a global strategic system that ensures the delivery of unique and outstanding opportunities and products to the industry.

— Everett Hale Founder and Shareholder

Integrity, loyalty, honesty, quality, reliability, consistency, knowledge, and customer orientation, are just some of the words I would use to describe Jim Rex and his team.

— Jim Bornhold Executive VP, Chemroy Canada Inc.

I’ve been delighted with their expertise, which ranges from formulations to manufacturing to testing.

— Raja Dhir Co-Founder, The Plant Based Company